Landon Darkwood (lcdarkwood) wrote,
Landon Darkwood

Random Remix Poetry Using Google Scribe...

Category: Nifty Stuff

If you're not familiar with Google Scribe, it's a Google Labs project that gives you random text suggestions based on what you type into it. It's at and is pretty much the most fun thing ever.

I used it to create a strange poem, by choosing only the first word of each line and supplying one line of my own text. I ended up with this:

Please take a moment to update this
I write it down and then they will
Eat it Too Late to Quit Smoking
Or help to answer the question

Maybe you can create a Guest Pass
Let me introduce you to the source
Eternal networking and the exchange
Digitized by Google Books online

Now I'm sounding like an advertisement
Voices of the Poor Law Commissioners
Business modeling and simulation
Patterns of the Past Week

Endings and Beginnings of the Space Age
Gave us a Republic Day Weekend
Now I close my eyes and I can not find
Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal

Tasty, tasty biology


If that isn't the best endorsement ever, there is no talking to you.
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