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The Toolbox - Intro

So I've finally figured out what to do with a LiveJournal. I really don't like writing about myself extensively, and I really don't like pontificating on topics where my authority (and nearly everyone else's) is dubious, especially given that I generally suck at communicating with people on the Internet. 

I do, however, like to hack print RPG systems and tweak them. Lots. I think about it every day. So, that's what I'm going to put here. You can expect: 

* Minor rules tweaks for several different RPGs. They basically would represent that 5-10% additional drift that a rules set might require to better match your local preferences when you play. I say "your" because I often do system hacks that I wouldn't even use, and will probably put them here in the hopes that they might match someone's preferences. 

* Genre mixes of established systems. As long as I don't think it'd interfere with the system's agenda support, I'll sometimes recast a system in a different genre. 

* General tools that you can use regardless of what game you're playing. This one's kind of tricky, because not all those tools are going to be good with all games. I definitely don't believe in one game or one set of techniques that "rules them all", and I don't believe there's a magic formula to good play. So, there's a healthy dose of general discretion required and expected here.

* Links to other places that have tools I like on them.

What you shouldn't expect:

* Protracted discussion. This space is primarily for me to brain dump. I'm not really interested in discussing or revising the content too much once I post it, because a lot of it is half-baked stuff anyway. I'm fine with people adding comments to suggest their own refinements or additional ideas, and for them to discuss amongst themselves, but I don't intend to participate extensively in that. The time I spend here, I want to spend adding new material.

* Heavy, ground-up redesigns of a given game. As a big 'System Does Matter' proponent, I'm quick to point people to different systems when they exhibit preferences far outside the range of what I think a given system provides. When someone complains about the strict adherence to equipment and gear recording in D&D, I don't make up an abstract equipment mechanic - I point them to PiG's Iron Gauntlets instead. I stand behind the idea that it really is worth learning a whole new system in those cases. Like I said, this is for the last 5-10% you might need to drift a system to get it perfectly in line with your local situation - it's not for giving Spirit of the Century the detail and minutiae of Pulp Hero, and it's not for making a World of Darkness game into Sorcerer, and it's not for making Primetime Adventures into Now Playing.

* Outreach. If you don't know anything about pen-and-paper roleplaying games, you're not going to find introductory material here.

* Regular updates. I do this when I have time. I don't have a lot of time, most of the time. That's all.

So, I hope that whoever reads this journal gets something cool for their game out of it. 



Lookin forward to it!

December 2010

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